T.J., Jeb, Josh, and Llama
Hello Fellow Sinners,
 We are Santa Barbara based punk band ¡La Vasa! We recorded our last EP called “Pull My Finger” at Orange Whip Studios in the fall of 2012 and returned there to record our first full length album “Quest” just before Christmas of 2014. We’ve had a couple of line up changes since “Pull My Finger” was recorded, and the new crew consists of long time friends of the band Kevin (Bass) and TJ (Guitar), but original members Llama (Drums) and Jeb (Vocals/Guitar) have been holding it down since the beginning of the band in late 2009. We’ve had a busy couple of years since “Pull My Finger” was released. We sold out ofthe first 500 copies that we pressed of it at shows only and we streamed it for free online. We have also played some great shows with some punk and ska legends including, but not limited to: Strung Out, The Dwarves, Pulley, Ill Repute, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Angry Samoans, Reagan Youth, Pour Habit, D.I., Mad Caddies, and many more!
 “Quest” is a more versatile album than our EP which was more straight forward punk with a ska tingle. This time around we’re tip toeing that line of punk and metal and we’re even featuring some female vocals provided by Courtney Boudet from local bluegrass/punk band Courtney and the Heathens (who is subsquently our front man’s (Jeb) wife) on a track called “The Divide” which has some elements of Star Fucking Hipsters and Subhumans to it. We also have added some brass for a risqué ska track called “Teenage Girls”. Don’t think we have gone soft though, this album has some fast, brutal and loud tracks for your inner punk to get down and dirty to. There’s something for everyone on “Quest”, expect songs about the punk scene, sing-a-longs about police brutality and of course songs about people getting butthurt. We hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you in the pit!
Email: Builttosink@gmail.com

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Be informed of upcoming events

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