Fishbonius Footsteps Vol. 1

Daniel French

This album is Foley Work footsteps recorded in various environments of feet wearing sport sneakers. The last 3 tracks, Water Droplets and Splashes, are for the drips and splashes you may need to add to footsteps in puddles. Recorded in 24bit/48kHz.

Foley artist work. Many say that foot steps are always the hardest to add to your film/video. Recorded in 24bit / 48kHz. Sport sneakers footsteps on dirt, gravel, grass, trails, puddles, and snow. Trails, gravel and grass recorded outdoors, everything else in Foley studio. water droplets and splashes added for use with puddles footsteps. Recorded at Fishbonius Sound Design, Santa Barbara, CA by Daniel French I have these in better quality if you need. Just contact me via email or text via the information on this site.

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