Live and Location Track Recording, Music Production, Mixing, Editing, & Mastering, Foley Artist / Sound Effects, Film, Audio Books, PodCasts.


Pro Tools 12, Reason 10, Superior Drummer 2, Great Plug-Ins, Instruments and Amps, Final Cut Pro, Logic


RME UFX, Manley Core, Millennia, UAD, RME Octamic II, Innertube Audio Mag, SE3's, AT4040, Telfunkin modded condensor mics (ADK bodies), Groove Tubes Convertible, plenty of SM86, SM57, SM58, Audix, etc.


Record at my studio or at any location you would like. I can come to you.


The best rates around!


Be informed of upcoming events

Be informed of upcoming events

Get signed and distributed with Fishbonius

Bands, Songwriters, Artists, Authors/Writers contact me to be produced, and signed with Fishbonius Sound Design. I can handle all of your Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Distribution needs. 

ITunes, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and many more. CD pressings, Vinyl pressings