Courtney and the Heathens


We're a high energy, female fronted bluegrass band with a punky after taste from Santa Barbara, California. It's a new twist on an old style for your dancing pleasure! Courtney and the Heathens was formed in 2012 by a group of local musicians, most of which came from other local punk and rock bands. Inspired by the beautiful mountains and back country of Santa Barbara they started having jam sessions in the living room of Courtney's house until they had enough songs for a glorious set and even played a few shows under the name Mesa Junction. Now revamped with a full drum kit and an electric bass they are ready to make you dance. Get your boots, your oversized belt buckle, and your Misfits Tshirt on cause they're ready to rock!

This 5 song EP represents the acoustic version of Courtney and the Heathens with a cajon taking place of the drum set and the instruments recorded un amplified. Light up the back yard fire pit and enjoy!